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Somewhere by El Poeta

Remix of Israel “Iz” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997) version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Now available on 7″ Vinyl.  Digital version available below:

These Days

Nico – These Days (Version) by El Poeta

El Poeta gives Nico’s ‘These Days’ the Commodore 64 treatment for your Mom.

Now available on 7″ Vinyl.  Digital version available below:

Saturday Night

Saturday Night by El Poeta

El Poeta’s smash up of Jamaican Mentos pre-reggae classic, “Linstead Market” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linstead_Market) which contains unknown Peruvian cumbia Samples, BiggaBush side project Magic Drum Orchestra’s samba drums & Carlito Headset’s original production.


“Carry me ackee go a Linstead market,

Not a quatty wut sell,

Carry me ackee go a Linstead market,

Not a quatty wut sell.

Lawd wat a night, not a bite,

Wat a Satiday night.

Lawd wat a night, not a bite,

Wat a Satiday night.”

Watch The Rain

Watch The Rain by El Poeta

Bonus track from El Poeta’s debut CD, ‘Musically Speaking.’


Generation Bass

El Poeta featured on International Music Blog Generation Bass for his new Carlito Headset material. His new album, ‘Tiro De Advertencia (Warning Shot)’ has been picked up by BSTRD BOOTS – stay tuned for release dates.




Another Dub Traffik Control production, this time with El Poeta’s alter-ego Carlito Headset at the controls!!!

“The BSTRD Boots series is back again with another fiery 7″ for your decks, this time from Dub Traffik Control. Keeping in line with the recent cumbia remix trends (in the same vein as Bersa Discos and Whiskey Barons), the dudes offer up “King of the Bongo(1)” a bass heavy, dubbed out version of Manu Chao’s big track that’s sure too get things hot and heated. Afrosound’s “La Danza De Los Mirlos(2)” gets a similar reworking on the flip with those irresistable latin guitars, big drums and even bigger bass promising a huge response from the crowd when dropped in your set. Tasty stuff.” TurntableLab

Still available from some online retailers.

The Maximalist

El Poeta’s album, “The Maximalist” was self-released digitally in late 2010.  Download the dubplate version of, ‘The Introduction’ or click below to listen:

Save Changes?

El Poeta’s Electro-Acoustic Avant Garde compositions take you on, “An emotional journey through homage to the grueling lessons of love, hard drive crashes and the importance of backing up data.”

Now available on itunes, amazon and several online retailers.

El Poeta - Save Changes?

El Poeta: Save Changes? – ‘Dancing With Ghosts’ by El Poeta

All Music Written, Performed, Recorded & Produced by El Poeta.

Track Listing:

  1. Dancing With Ghosts 1:56
  2. Mountains 2:39
  3. All That You Were (Faded Memories of a Shooting Star) 1:38
  4. Gala 1:16
  5. La La Land 1:48
  6. Dazed After 1:53
  7. I Wish You Loved 2:03
  8. Lost in Possibility (Glory Land) 3:30
  9. Sandcastles (Used To Be Fun As A Child) 1:47
  10. With Every Sigh 1:48
  11. Watch The Rain 1:41
  12. When I Get Home (A Hidden Meadow Dream) 2:48
  13. For Dominic (Boy King Sailing The Infinite Sea) 3:25


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