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Save Changes?

El Poeta’s Electro-Acoustic Avant Garde compositions take you on, “An emotional journey through homage to the grueling lessons of love, hard drive crashes and the importance of backing up data.”

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El Poeta - Save Changes?

El Poeta: Save Changes? – ‘Dancing With Ghosts’ by El Poeta

All Music Written, Performed, Recorded & Produced by El Poeta.

Track Listing:

  1. Dancing With Ghosts 1:56
  2. Mountains 2:39
  3. All That You Were (Faded Memories of a Shooting Star) 1:38
  4. Gala 1:16
  5. La La Land 1:48
  6. Dazed After 1:53
  7. I Wish You Loved 2:03
  8. Lost in Possibility (Glory Land) 3:30
  9. Sandcastles (Used To Be Fun As A Child) 1:47
  10. With Every Sigh 1:48
  11. Watch The Rain 1:41
  12. When I Get Home (A Hidden Meadow Dream) 2:48
  13. For Dominic (Boy King Sailing The Infinite Sea) 3:25


High Score

High Score by El Poeta

El Poeta’s AMEN Break / C64 Experiment


Samba King


Samba King Version by El Poeta

Seiji + Magic Drum Orchestra & El Poeta (Carlito Headset) at the controls. Unofficial Version.

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